Top 12 Kubernetes Resources: Learn and Stay Up-to-Date, by Robert J. Finn

Robert J. Finn
3 min readNov 21, 2022


The cloud native community is thriving and Kubernetes has a lot to do with it. As an open source community, members are dedicated to education and support on the topic.

Whether your goal is to learn more about the technology as a whole, stay current on the latest news, or contribute your wisdom as a practitioner, there are plenty of opportunities to access content and get involved. But not everyone learns in the same ways, in the same places.

Overwhelmed by all the options? We’ve provided a comprehensive list of the top 12 Kubernetes resources to aid your journey. Whether it’s a podcast to listen to on your drive home, a social media post that gives you a laugh, or even bringing Kubernetes offline into the real world, we’ve got you covered.


A weekly podcast from Google featuring guest insights from the Kubernetes community, as well as news and updates in the space.

For those interested in advanced strategies, this podcast is guided by the Data on Kubernetes Community (DoKC), “an openly governed and self-organizing group of curious and experienced operators and engineers concerned with running data-intensive workloads on Kubernetes.” Bonus, there are 2–3 podcasts released a week.

This adorably-titled podcast hosts a variety of guests to focus on Kubernetes, but also the people who build and use it.

With 35,000 members, Software Engineering is one of the largest technical groups across the entire social audio application — join and listen in to a live conversation, like the recent “Kubernetes Networking with CALICO”, every Wednesday at 5 PM!


While there are plenty of online courses specializing in Kubernetes education, this course offers the Kubernetes fundamentals at no cost to the user. 56,362 students have taken advantage already, and you can, too — here.

If you’re already spending most of the day in GitHub, why leave? Like our list here, this compilation of Kubernetes training material is regularly updated & added to by Ramit Surana, with dozens of links to in depth documentation for beginners and experts alike.

Don’t think Instagram is a source for Kubernetes knowledge? Think again — @CloudComputingHub has recently covered concepts like the benefits of containers & orchestration tools for Amazon ECS, all under the focused topics of DevSecOps, SRE & Cloud.

Kubernetes Twitter is an incredibly active space — though there are countless others who could be included here, @learnk8s (Twitter handle for Kubernetes consulting & education firm LearnK8s, doled out in less than 280 characters), Kelsey Hightower (Google’s prolific engineer, developer advocate & speaker, typically focused around OSS & Kube) & the compilation topic Cloud computing (a smorgasbord of companies, commentators & trending stories related to the world of the Cloud & relevant technology) are worth your follow.


With a mixture of practical advice, an opportunity to ask questions/start discussions & plenty of humor, these subreddits are consistently active with dozens of daily posts from the (combined) 312.5k subscribers.

These Discord servers, each with over 1,000 members, are regularly active in discussions around best practices, Kubernetes news & connecting practitioners, both professionally and personally, alike.

Like many Slack workspaces, there are channels for just about everything here — keep up with conferences coming up in CNCF’s #events channel; connect with colleagues in the DevOps, SRE, Cloud, Platform, Engineering & more spaces in DevOpsChat’s #introductions; and talk through Fairwinds OSS projects in our OSS Community.

Sick of looking at a screen? Not to worry — if you’re looking to find a group of industry colleagues, similarly interested technical folks, or anyone else with an equal Kubernetes & technology focus, MeetUp has events across the world. Cloud Native London gathers once a month, while DevOps NYC & Kubernetes Boston are slowly transitioning back to in person events after multiple online events in the past year — take a look at groups near you!

If you are interested in some hard-won Kubernetes expertise on security, cost optimization and guardrails, you can also check out the Fairwinds library of resources where we provide several types of content including:

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