DRAFT / UNLISTED || Filling Your Sales Funnel? Stop Looking, Start Listening: Podcast Lead, Demand & Pipeline Gen. Strategies

Robert J. Finn
3 min readDec 13, 2022


Use Case #1 — Guests as prospect targets

a. What’re the top podcasts in your industry? Find them (search on Podchaser or similiar repositories)

Tip: easiest way to aggregate all podcasts is through a service like Feedly or Feedspot

b. Compile a list of the podcasts and go through them 1 by 1 (for example, a previous post of mine compiled as many relevant sales podcasts as I could find — 286 to be precise)

Tip: Use as much automation and/or Google Sheets to get through the full, complete list in a shorter, more feasible amount of time

c. Compile a list of the guests on each podcast in a spreadsheet, including the Podcast Series Name, the episode title, the host’s name & where possible, an overview of the episode’s content

Tip: If you can, set up a data scraper to pull these details in order & correctly; I had success with Dataminer.io

d. Create an easy to edit template for your BDR team — feel free to use the generic template below 👇

TEMPLATE — Podcast Guest Outreach

Subject Line: Saw your appearance on (PODCAST SERIES), (GUEST FIRST NAME)

Hi there (FIRST NAME) — hope you’re well. We’ve been looking for industry podcasts that we think our experts like (INTERNAL EXPERT 1) and (INTERNAL EXPERT 2) would be potential good fits on as a guest. I’m the point of contact for (GUEST COMPANY ACCOUNT), and so after seeing you’d appeared, I thought it’d make sense to reach out.

— (From here personalize what problem your company solves for that best aligns with their role, and ask if they are the right contact or if someone else is a better point to reach out to) —

Either way, hope to connect — thanks (GUEST FIRST NAME)!


Use Case #2: Do You Have a Company Podcast? Invite Select Prospects on as Guests

a. Who are the typical guests on your company’s podcast? Do they align with your typical ideal prospect title/profile? If yes — move to next step. If no — what is the purpose of the podcast? Is there a world where a special guest series occurs within the pre-existing show, allowing to invite industry thought leaders/prospects?

b. Build a list of your top leads at the VP level or above (Director level permitted depending on company & lead quality)

c. From that list, prioritize & categorize: group into a top tier, middle tier, and lower tier — then filter again by “podcast guest fit” (have they appeared on a Podcast before? Is there any indication that if they were to be a guest tomorrow that it wouldn’t go well?)

d. Set up a cadence for outreach to each prospect — must include

For a full list of Sales Podcasts, check out the 286 here.