DRAFT / UNLISTED || 6 Quick Ways to Get More Meetings & Pipeline — Now (Pt. 1)

Robert J. Finn
3 min readNov 21, 2022
  1. Hiring: Who is hiring for the most relevant role to what your product solves for? Determine either titles or keywords in job descriptions to look for, then set up notifications when a new relevant job is posted. Look for public Slack workspaces related, as they often have job post specific channels.

2. Former Employees of Current Customers: create a list of leads in Sales Navigator whose “past company” is one of your companies current customers. When reaching out, mention in the subject line the name of their previous company, and describe what you’ve been able to accomplish with them.

3. Former Previous Opportunity, Now at New Company: if you spoke to Jane Smith at Company ABC last year, go check where she and other leads like her are working now. Reach out and mention the previous conversation.

4. Closed Lost Opportunities with Specific Requests, Now in Production: there are countless ways to take advantage of closed lost opps, but a way to stand out from a typical “Has anything changed?” message is to work with your product team, cross reference newly released features, and see if there’s any particular opps that did not move forward for that reason. Reach out and inform them you now offer what they were looking for.

5. Identify Your Customer’s Top Competitors: reach out with messaging “Your Competitor Company ABC Does Things This Way, Could Your Company Do the Same?”